HALLO PRESIDEN – Nine factions of the Jakarta Legislative Council (DPRD), approved the proposed Draft Bylaw on the Respect, Protection, and Fulfillment of the Rights of Persons with Disabilities in a plenary meeting held on Tuesday 8 February 2022.

PDI-P Faction Member, Wa Ode Herlina, welcomed the proposal for the draft bylaw when she conveyed the general view of the faction.

“We express our appreciation to the Jakarta administration in this matter is the Governor who has proposed the Draft Bylaw on the Implementation of Respect, Protection.”

“And Fulfillment of the Rights of Persons with Disabilities for the adjustment and improvement of Bylaw number 10/2011 and implementing the mandate of Law number 8/2016 and Law number 23/2014,” she expressed.

While the Gerindra Faction considered that the draft bylaw needed to be formed immediately, as persons with disabilities are subjects who have the right to respect for the protection and fulfillment of human rights thus they have equal opportunities for self-development.

“Hence, the Gerindra Faction requested the Draft Bylaw to be discussed soon,” explained Gerindra Faction Member, Dian Pratama.

On the other hand, the NasDem Faction uttered that the administration’s proposal about the draft bylaw was appropriate to fight for the rights of persons with disabilities in public spaces.

So, hopefully, it could be a solution to the Bylaw number 10/2011 on Persons with Disabilities which is no longer following current conditions.

“So, it must be adjusted to the development of legal guarantees and rights attached to persons with disabilities,” stated NasDem Faction Chairman, Wibi Andrino when he read out the general view of the faction.

The same statement also came out from Yusriah Dzinnun, a Member of the PKS Faction.

His faction also supports changing the approach to providing support to persons with disabilities from a charity-based approach to a rights-based approach.

“They also have the right to grow. So, we support it,” he said.***