HALLO PRESIDEN – Soft approach efforts are considered important in handling terrorism in the Poso Regency, Central Sulawesi, with a method that prioritizes dialogue, conflict prevention, community empowerment, maintaining citizen security, and educating the community.

Deputy Head of the Madago Raya Public Relations Operations Task Force V, AKBP Yudho Huntoro explained that it was important to take a soft approach in dealing with terrorism in Poso Regency, Central Sulawesi.

“The joint TNI and Polri team continues to approach the community and religious leaders to make the remaining fugitives surrender,” said AKBP Yudho Huntoro.

According to the Intermediate Officer of the Central Sulawesi Police, the appeal was distributed through leaflets, both the installation of banners and billboards as well as the efforts made by the TNI-Polri da’i and da’iyah who were members of the Madago Raya operation.

The Madago Raya operation in 2022 prioritizes a soft approach, an approach that focuses more on persuasive humanist actions and a massive effort to urge the remaining Poso terrorist fugitives to surrender immediately.

“We are still looking for three Poso terrorist fugitives, namely Askar a.k.a Jaid a.k.a Pak Guru, Muhklas a.k.a Galuh a.k.a Nae, and Suhardin a.k.a Hasan Pranata,” said AKBP Yudho Huntoro

He advised the community to report immediately to the authorities if they saw or have any information regarding that three fugitives.***